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Brand DNA

All of us have aspirations to try something new....something different. Especially when it comes to vehicles, it’s a shade more complicated.

Palatino believes in riding in style, recognizing trends before they are. Reaching out, winning and providing you with a variety of completely new e-Scooters.

Today what you ride is not only something which takes you from place to place. It is something that shows you.

Palatino.... A brand so fearless.... so confident.... so audacious.... so you

We believe that the world is driven by its youth. And we reflect that their tastes and preferences are what should drive our brand.

We offer a tempting array of expertly designed e-Scooters. A look of a Palatino e-Scooters is rich, vibrant, and bold. Our e-Scooters offer a contemporary attitude with all time elegance.

Wherever you go just make sure you are riding something that suits you. And the only company which can provide you with such pleasures is PALATINO.