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About the Bike

Growing Industrialisation and rapid requirements of mass transportation has put pressure on fast depleting natural resources. It has led to increase in pollution everywhere. Global warming has made mankind to take note of it and opt for the solutions at a rapid pace. Shift to urban lifestyle has also contributed to this misery.

Ever increasing cost of Fuel (Petrol & Diesel) and polluting vehicles forced world community to look out for New Renewable and Clean Energy solutions while satisfying growing urban mobility. These basic needs were the key factors which accelerated the sale and use of electric bicycles. Slowly, the electric bicycles option like any other products is evolving into complete electric vehicles solutions.

It started from North America and Europe but has grown and growing rapidly worldwide. Many districts in China even boosting of over 95% local transportation model using electric bikes and scooters. Electric bikes are a rapidly growing transit option in many countries, many regions.

In many cities, the streets are so clogged with traffic that they are virtually un-navigable by car, and e-bikes are seen as an increasingly viable option for urban mobility. Last few years the world economies are also passing through tough financial conditions putting lot of purchasing power pressures on masses. They are opting for an economical, affordable and green solution – e-bikes and scooters.

In India, the electric two wheeler Industry made inroads around 2007-08 period. First few years saw it grow so rapidly that in 2011-12 period it was selling approx. one lacs vehicles per annum. The Govt. of India as well as State Governments is very serious about promoting this segment and putting lot of efforts to make this segment grow. This will not only help Govt. control pollution – which is alarmingly high in most part of the country but also help financial burden on exchequer in providing Petrol and Diesel at subsidized rates.

At the start of this segment in India, manufacturers had no option but to import the available technology and designs which were readily available to them. Financial viability and uncertainty would not allow them to invest in untested waters.

In due course of time, the designs and technology has seen unprecedented changes. Manufacturers are gearing up. We, at Palatino geared ourselves to give what the youth of India (the youngest nation in the world) is looking for in his mobility solutions - the latest in Gen-next designs, vibrant colors and technology.