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Basic Turbo Shooting

Reassemble the wheel assembly in the reverse order of removal.


For storage of Palatino Vehicle for longer periods of over a month and above, we recommend to carry out the following steps:
1. Clean the vehicle thoroughly. Park the vehicle on centre stand.
2. Disconnect the battery terminals. (follow the procedure give in page no. 27).
3. Place a suitable wooden block at the bottom of the frame so that both the tyres are off the ground. This will ensure better tyre life. Cover up the vehicle completely with a clean tarpaulin or any other suitable cover. Store the vehicle inside a garage or similar area to avoid damage due to dust and rain. Make sure that the storage area is well ventilated and free from any source of flame of spark.


1 . Take the vehicle out of the garage and clean it properly.
2. Reconnect the battery terminals and fully charge the battery.
3. Check and inflate the tyres to the specified tyre pressure.
4. Carry out the daily inspection.
5. Turn the power 'ON' switch to 'ON' position and ride out.



Possible cause

Counter measure




Max speed is reduced and not climbing the gradients

Vehicle not moving

Range (mileage) reduced

Battery not getting charge
Battery voltage low
Malfunction of throttle sensor
Motor assembly bearing defect
Faulty brake switches
Loose connection of battery terminals
Malfunction of throttle sensor
Motor assembly wiring faulty
D efect in motor hall sensors
MCB switched OFF
Faulty controlle r
Brake binding
Lowtyrepr essure
Lowbattery charge
Damaged / old battery
Steep gradient, overload, driving against
wind and frequent braking
Charger plug properly not plugged in
Defective charger
Low input voltage / power cuts
Weak battery
Charge /replace
Check / replace*
- d o
Check/ replace*
Check and reconnect
Check/ replace*
Check / correct*
Check / replace*
Switch ON the MCB
Check / replace*
Adjust brakes
Inflate to the specification
Charge the battery fully
Replace the battery*
Pay attention

Check and plug it in property
Check / replace’
Check and correct
Check / replace’